| fun training sales, customer service, networking, communication based in Harrogate
Sales Training, Customer Service Training, Networking and Communication Training based in Harrogate, that is memorable, exciting and works, by Sally Roberts, Harrogate.
Sales training, customer service training, communication training, networking training, Harrogate
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Fun Training for Results

Unconventional, innovative, extraordinary, exciting,  memorable, and fun sales training, customer service, negotiation, network and communication training,   that creates results!  Try it and make your own results like Sharon, £1.2 million!

Sales Training

 Fun Training For Results will help you to sell more and have happier customers.  The  Sales Training is new, exciting and fun, thats why it works. On our courses you have fun, if you have fun you remember and if you remember you can use what you have learned immediately and benefit from the results. Sharon changed how she sourced and closed business worth £1.2million, now that’s a result!

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Customer Service Training

Everyone in a customer facing role can benefit from Fun Training For Results – Customer Service Wow in a Day!

Fun Training For Results offers unconventional, exciting new, dynamic, memorable, and fun customer service training. Learning the importance of SINCERE, understanding how Doris delivers the Bing Crosby effect with CAR FEED DM all instil extraordinary Customer Service Wow skills. Great customer experience leads to return visitors, excellent trip advisor reviews and five star ratings!

Networking & Communication Training

Great Networking can generate business, Fun Training For Results shows you how to network brilliantly so that you’re remembered and well placed to begin a relationship. Malcolm struggled, preferring a takeaway and a movie to networking. Now having done the course he’s generating referrals and building great business relationships.


“You were ‘inspirational’, ‘really good fun’, ‘completely engaging’ and ‘the most interesting part of the day’

David listened to Sally present, noted and used the next day, the result new business worth £4500!

Energising – Engaging – Fun – Learning – Active – Memorable … Just a few words to describe Sally.

Read about Sally the Trainer, the Public Speaker, the Person

Why not meet us in person?

I love to meet new people and business, a conversation is just the beginning of a relationship – so let’s talk!

customer service training with fun training for results harrogate


Whatever your experience and regardless of your position, there’s always room to improve and this is where Sally comes in. She’s not going to teach you to reinvent the wheel, just show you how to roll it further!

Sara commented “I have to say Sally’s training technique is so refreshing after years of boring corporate information dumping! A training session on customer service which is in my DNA after 25 years in retail still left me with challenges to achieve and personal improvements I can make to better the recipients’ experience.”

Her style is new, exciting and unique, its about creating results instantly. No clock watching or lever arch files, we are about having fun.

happy team


Fun Training For Results is different! No more long presentations, no  stuffy board room meetings, no clock watching  – We’re called Fun Training For Results for good reason.

Tom’s comment ” innovative, unique – no death by power point – fun pacey and above all – it’s worked. Everyone could sell more and better with Sally’s training!”

The many reviews delight in the pace of the day, the relationships formed and the fun that is experienced, lots of laughter.

Tom Coffee FTFR HQ


Sally loves  to meet with new people and businesses.

So if you have some questions on how she can  help your  team or would like to understand more about the courses , please  get in touch.

 The coffee will be on her, most likely at Stanleys, Fun Training For Resultsts informal HQ. Great coffee and delicious cake.