Be around people who make you smile, are positive and in your corner.

I absolutely love and believe in this.

Paying it forward, very Bob Burgh. Referring those you know, like and trust.

There are always the bumps in the road, the swerves, the challenges,

But ultimately, looking out for others brings back great rewards, success, referrals.

Listening to Brian Tracy Psychology of Selling, parts are dated, such as “wait until the meeting ends  before you light a cigarette”, but mostly it is still relevant.

The quote:

“If you associate with turkeys, you will never fly with the eagles” is harsh. After all who wants to be a turkey?

But – if you’re around negative, accusatory, uninspiring people, you’re not going to fly far!

Makes you think!


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We want to grow our business to £8 million, 50% growth and to make that happen we plan to do absolutely nothing differently.

“We embrace change here at Fox’s Fixings”

This is what they told me, just before it was quickly followed up with, “we would really like the training to be exactly the same as it’s been for the past thirty years!”

Fox’s Fixings are an innovative company. The teams in the factory are hungry and driven. They want growth and can see opportunity. The Middle Managers drive their teams’ enthusiasm and try to embrace new opportunities.

But then at the top sits The Family. You will recognise them I am sure. They give people status in title only, but any autonomy is pinched. They are the decision makers, the real power brokers and they hold the purse strings. The PR team can spin the story that change is embraced, but really if it’s been done a certain way for over thirty years, why change?

The pace of selling and delivering customer service wow is fast, new and exciting. As consumers, we respond differently to thirty years ago. Make sure that you are at the front, reviewing, learning new ways and winning business because that is when real growth begins.

It’s an old Henry Ford quote and he knew a thing or two. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had”. If you’re selling a product or service in an ever-changing market place, then change, for you, is a must.

Avoid change at your peril!

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Edward was booked First Class to fly to New York. It was late November and he was going to New York, First Class, to skate, shop at Macy’s, visit the Statue of Liberty, walk through Central Park and eat at Daniel’s on 65th Street.

Edward had worked hard for this holiday, fulfilling a dream, one on the bucket list. He had saved hard, missed nights out to save and now he was so close to his dream trip to New York.

Edward was beyond excited as his trip of a lifetime was nearly here.

Sophie was given a First Class ticket to New York. It included a trip to Macy’s, Daniel’s on 65th Street for a meal and a ride by horse and carriage through Central Park.

Sophie only ever flew First Class. She did not understand why anyone would ever fly Economy. She had also been invited to an opening night of the Lloyd Webber musical on The West End. It was on the same day as the New York trip so rather a tight schedule. Not to worry, she could do New York another day. Always another time. No big deal for Sophie.

It was the same destination, same flights, similar activities – but two completely different outlooks.

How do you value what you sell, your product or service? More important, how does your customer perceive the value of your product or service?

Being in business is great and this week I learned that value, really great value is in the eye of the beholder and not in the price of the goods.

Be Valuable.

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I know it’s a stretch – but really, I love my bucket!

It’s not just any old bucket, its raspberry pink with a purple lid, yes, a lid. How many buckets have lids? It’s similar in appearance to a crinkled cut crisp, the big ridge variety. You just want to touch it, look at it and relish in its design and texture. I know it’s only a bucket, but this is one extraordinary bucket.

The other day, I needed a bucket, who doesn’t? With an eye for pink and good design, this bucket and I were meant to be, so now it lives at home, well, in the greenhouse with me.

So, it’s just a bucket, get over it Sally, it has been said. The general opinion of “it’s just a bucket” is spot on because it is, just a bucket and it does what all buckets do. There are many buckets you can buy, black mostly, builders buckets, kitchen buckets, but they are all buckets. My bucket is different, it stands out, shouts at you, says if you value design and different then you want me. And I did.

If function was our only reason for purchase, then colour, design and texture would not be welcome at the party of purchase choice. But we don’t just buy on function or need, we buy because, we can, we want to, we like, we love.

If what we sell, product, service or buckets, has a function and fulfils a need or want, well that in isolation is pretty dull. Unless you have ideas, like my bucket. How do you stand out? How do you market your uniqueness, your brilliance? What makes you the best accountant, HR specialist, lawyer, recruiter, film maker? Are you shouting it out, or are you being a non-descript, plain black bucket sitting on a shop shelf waiting to be noticed?

Here is the lesson! If your business is that bucket, sitting on the shelf, waiting to be noticed, then stop now! Game over, not happening! If you want business, to be noticed, stand up and be a pink and purple crinkle cut bucket – with a lid. Get noticed, stay noticed, be talked about, referred to and win business.

I love my bucket, because it reminds me that being out there matters.

Sally Roberts

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I met a man at Networking months ago. Nice chap, polite, friendly with a great business.

As I often do, I suggested coffee, to learn about his business. Just coffee to begin the relationship. Nothing to sell as no clue about whether he needed any help from me.

The invitation met with a verbal “great idea” and then was subsequently rejected. From memory, his actual words were along the lines of “I have this sales thing sorted!”

Great, good news, move on, but noted on the CRM. Fast forward eight months and a LinkedIn post from someone in my Network, creates a spark, an engagement, a potential prospect.

The very same man, the nice chap, polite and friendly that said “no” to the coffee, messages: “Sally, please can you introduce me to your friend? I’d like to work with him.”

Now, what would you do?

How can I refer you if I don’t know you?

How can I know you if you won’t meet up?

Pay it forward! If you want to sell more, then spend time with people and build relationships.


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Boris Bumble’s shirts bulge at the belly and the buttons threaten to attack at any moment. Years of too much cheese, fine wine and little activity, apart from the shooting of course, have created a physique that attracts gout.

Boris Bumble runs a business that his parents’ money bought, and he runs it by fear. He is that leader who peers, sneers and laughs at his own belittling jokes about someone in his team.

Boris Bumble is a big bully managing a small team. By managing, I mean he is in the same building, all be it squashed into a rather unforgiving, oversized leather chair.

Boris hasn’t a clue about people, but he does have a thing about money – and he wants more. Boris is greedy! He wants millions and feels he deserves millions. His bank balance is the last thing he looks at night and the first thing he checks when he wakes up.

Bethany works for Boris in Customer Service with a bit of admin and tea making thrown in and on occasions, even a bit of cleaning. Bethany is a timid person, kind with a great heart and she feels sorry for her boss. Bethany has soul, with less interest in money and more in being a good person, paying forward, doing a great job and sincerely looking after her customers.

Bethany is paid little. She once mentioned a pay rise but when she saw Boris go blue in the face and his breathing go shallow, she hastily backed off and never raised the subject again. Bethany tries to ignore him mostly and pities him. She just gets on with her job.

But this week, spring has arrived and new life is popping up everywhere. Just back from the Boat Show, Boris has decided that he wants a yacht! A big, in your face, pretentious yacht.

“More!”, he bellows at Bethany and the team, “I want more business, more sales, more clients more money – and I want it now!”

Bethany and the admin team are tasked with the selling, increasing income and profit, finding more customers, with minimal training, support, instruction or motivation to complete the task.

Bethany is like many undervalued people working for big bully bosses. The huge win here for Bethany, the Customer Service lady, is that her clients love her. You see, Bethany lives Sincere Values because she learned about these on a Fun Training For Results

Customer Service Wow course that she persuaded Boris to send her on. She really cares about her clients, she provides what they need, listens, indulges them and expresses thanks to them. Bethany may be timid, but she is switched on. She knows all her clients and knows that they value her.

Boris’s bellowed yacht demand was the final straw for Bethany. Bethany walked away from Boris Bumble and set up on her own. Bethany has the confidence to do this as she now knows what it’s all about and is confident that she will soon have a loyal customer base, no doubt including a few from her old firm. From now on she will be putting the Wow into Customer Service for her own benefit – and not B. Bumble’s!

Silly, short-sighted Boris!

Sally Roberts

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Alan was in a fluster; the day had gone to pot. He still had his expenses to do, that call to make and then be home in time for his team match that evening.

Susan half expected Alan to cancel. He had done before, twice in fact. She wanted to use his company and liked what they produced but he really was letting the side down. She sipped her latte and swiped her app.

Alan thought about emailing Susan. He could cancel. After all, she wasn’t a current client. Would she mind, he wondered? She’d been ok when he cancelled last time, oh, and the time before that. She was nice, she would understand. Maybe? Maybe I’ll elaborate, thought Alan.

No email yet, no call, so Susan put on her coat to set off for the meeting, first checking the budget spend available. Susan was looking forward to seeing what Alan’s company could produce for her.

Alan emailed, an elaborate tale about a motorway, weather and illness – why do half measures? He pressed send.

The email bleeped. There it was.

Susan called up Alan’s competitor. Bruce was delighted to take the call.

Bruce has now been working with Susan for ten years. Susan is his top client, now spending in excess of £50k pa with him.

Alan missed his target and his bonus but managed to submit his expenses. Soon after this, he decided that sales was not for him.

The moral to this tale is simple – make an appointment and stick to it!


I want to spend my money with you!

Margaret thought, I really do want to spend my money with you, today! She had a list of exactly what she wanted, a selection of over 3000 garden bulbs. She had the money and she wanted to spend it today, right now, at the Garden Show. Her garden design and planning had been going on for months and today was the day that she wanted to buy the bulbs. It was her very reason for visiting the Show.

Margaret walked on to the first bulb stand, and waited. Please talk to me, thought Margaret, keen to share her garden plans with people who understood. As much as she wanted to spend money at this stall, she wanted to be spoken to and her enthusiasm for her planting scheme and these bulbs to be recognised. Margaret wanted the stall holder to want her business. Ask me, thought Margaret, don’t push me or talk too much, just acknowledge me, smile, crack a joke, anything – but please don’t ignore me!

You are ignoring me! You’re talking to your colleague, discussing coffee breaks and where to lunch but here I am, on your stand, being ignored. I’m facing the stall holder and being ignored!

Margaret didn’t like being ignored, especially when she was so close to buying the 3000 bulbs she’d been planning and saving for. She wanted to spend her money and buy these bulbs today. After all, this was a lot of money, notably more than your average order value. Several minutes passed and Margaret was still being ignored – so she walked away! Wouldn’t you? She tried another two stands and experienced a similar lack of acknowledgement and engagement.

Back at home, Margaret went online and ordered her bulbs, a faceless but efficient transaction.

Customer Service Wow is about delighting everyone in proximity to your business. The power of the 7-second first impression should never be ignored. Smiling and acknowledging any interested parties should never be replaced with ill manners.

In such a competitive world, remember that to delight your client you first need to acknowledge them. It only takes seconds and the results can be stunning. Happy prospects mean happy clients and that means money in the till and good publicity.

Remember, customers are real people who need to be acknowledged!

I want you to want my business!

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