Our customers enjoy working with and seeing the results and growth we help them achieve.

Sally Roberts - Fun Training For Results

Yorkshire based Sally Roberts helps organisations looking for an authentic trainer, she is someone who has real experience of sales and customer service; someone who's won the t-shirt, the prizes and smashed targets - they call Fun Training For Results.

When you need a clear understanding of your company’s process and values and are ready to be challenged - that is when you bring in Fun Training For Results.

When your company demands an exclusive solution, in your language; when the one size fits all approach is not for you, that is when people turn to and then refer Fun Training For Results.

No long presentations, no clock watching

Working inside and outside

Stories, relatable characters, quizzes

Doing, drawing, delivering

Changing, challenging

Ongoing coaching, accountability and consequence

Rapport, relationships, RESULTS!

Return On Investment, MASSIVE!

Fun Training for Results regularly offers sales training in Leeds, Harrogate, York and surrounding areas.

Companies who look to invest in their people, motivate teams and enhance skill sets recognise the inspiration Fun Training For Results deliver.

When you want more than a day’s training and value a relationship, ongoing communication and Someone in your corner ensuring your growth, celebrating with you when targets achieved, becoming a part of your team then it’s time to call Fun Training For Results.

Teams that dread yet more dull training programmes in stuffy classrooms are the ones who are most surprised, excited and by the end of the course, motivated to achieve excellence.

Fun Training For Results was born from a lightbulb moment, being talked at for hours about pie charts, funnel, bar charts and data on loop. Recognising the need for engagement, fun and creating something memorable, is how Fun Training For Results began.

If you're looking for dynamic training that is proven to bring results, you're in the right place. Just look at the hundreds of reviews on LinkedIn and the many testimonials. Fun Training For Results is unapologetically fun but most important, it is the results that we pride ourselves on.

The ever-growing team at Fun Training For Results is committed to surpassing your expectations.

When you need a training provider to be on hand to answer questions, we are there.

Our customers stay with us, beginning with sales training, then customer service backed up with ongoing coaching. Our customers enjoy working with and seeing the results and growth that we help them achieve. They delight in telling others that they are working with Fun Training For Results. We are in their corner. We offer so much more than just a day’s training.

Fun Training For Results continues to grow in a competitive training market because the offering is very different from other available alternatives.