| Sales training blog relating selling to making an apple strudel.
Sales training blog by Fun Training for Results relating selling to making apple strudel.
Sally describes the similarity of making apple strudel to her selling process
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Selling Is Like Apple Strudel.

A picture of apple strudel to relate to selling just like apple strudel by Sally Roberts from fun training for result

Selling Is Like Apple Strudel.

Phrases heard by people who think they can sell, “I am a people person,” “I am really chatty,” “I love talking,” “I am super confident,” “The room lights up when I walk in,” Its all about ME ME ME !

Great sales people know this not to be the case.

Training and Selling for many years and still a lack of understanding of what selling is. It’s a process, a process that has to be learned if you want to be the best, who doesn’t?

This process broken down is a doddle, easy, simple and here’s the boom wow – IT WORKS!

I have the prizes, the certificates and the success, that’s not a brag, it’s a fact. I simply learned the process many years ago, and used it. Still use it, will forever use it.

No different to driving a car, flying a plane, making a strudel; a learned process implemented.

Heres the big thing, its how your taught.

Remember the great teacher, the one who inspired, the class you remember, the favourite subject. Mr Tatlow – Ralph Thoresby many years ago – when science was called SCIPS (not sure why), His lesson on “Is The World Round,” off the scale. It was memorable, over 30 years memorable.

At Fun Training For Results – thats what We do, we break down the sales process and deliver it in a way You can use, right now, in that moment. Our training is about You doing, it working, it creating incredible results right NOW and forever!

This morning feedback on an appointment making course in December, “ Sally – I used what we had learnt, made eight calls and got the appointments, it works”.

Instantly change performance now, transform your own sales skills and that of your team.

It will be good to listen,
Sally Fun Training For Results 07432 545692


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