Alan was in a fluster; the day had gone to pot. He still had his expenses to do, that call to make and then be home in time for his team match that evening.

Susan half expected Alan to cancel. He had done before, twice in fact. She wanted to use his company and liked what they produced but he really was letting the side down. She sipped her latte and swiped her app.

Alan thought about emailing Susan. He could cancel. After all, she wasn’t a current client. Would she mind, he wondered? She’d been ok when he cancelled last time, oh, and the time before that. She was nice, she would understand. Maybe? Maybe I’ll elaborate, thought Alan.

No email yet, no call, so Susan put on her coat to set off for the meeting, first checking the budget spend available. Susan was looking forward to seeing what Alan’s company could produce for her.

Alan emailed, an elaborate tale about a motorway, weather and illness – why do half measures? He pressed send.

The email bleeped. There it was.

Susan called up Alan’s competitor. Bruce was delighted to take the call.

Bruce has now been working with Susan for ten years. Susan is his top client, now spending in excess of £50k pa with him.

Alan missed his target and his bonus but managed to submit his expenses. Soon after this, he decided that sales was not for him.

The moral to this tale is simple – make an appointment and stick to it!