We want to grow our business to £8 million, 50% growth and to make that happen we plan to do absolutely nothing differently.

“We embrace change here at Fox’s Fixings”

This is what they told me, just before it was quickly followed up with, “we would really like the training to be exactly the same as it’s been for the past thirty years!”

Fox’s Fixings are an innovative company. The teams in the factory are hungry and driven. They want growth and can see opportunity. The Middle Managers drive their teams’ enthusiasm and try to embrace new opportunities.

But then at the top sits The Family. You will recognise them I am sure. They give people status in title only, but any autonomy is pinched. They are the decision makers, the real power brokers and they hold the purse strings. The PR team can spin the story that change is embraced, but really if it’s been done a certain way for over thirty years, why change?

The pace of selling and delivering customer service wow is fast, new and exciting. As consumers, we respond differently to thirty years ago. Make sure that you are at the front, reviewing, learning new ways and winning business because that is when real growth begins.

It’s an old Henry Ford quote and he knew a thing or two. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had”. If you’re selling a product or service in an ever-changing market place, then change, for you, is a must.

Avoid change at your peril!

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