Inspire change for 2021

Begin Day 1!

There’s something special about the week between Christmas and New Year. Some businesses stop, some opening hours are reduced, there’s a real slow down, time to reflect.

Reflecting on Fun Training For Results created a chuckle for me, some disbelief and a sigh. I looked back at Day 1 and recalled a logo that was certainly striking, a colorful website that flashed and training delivered by the day. Absolutely no regrets but four years on, with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained, it could have been better on Day 1. That really doesn’t matter. What matters is that Fun Training For Results began!

Day 1 is key, the first step, the beginning. It’s when you commit to an idea, a dream or ambition and you begin to achieve. Day 1 is rarely perfect but the very act of beginning is what sets people apart. I have met some incredibly successful entrepreneurs and read about others who have created something extraordinary and what matters is that they all began. They all had a Day 1.

A unifying driver in creating success, achieving dreams and making it happen is commitment. It means committing with action, effort, determination and more action. It means walking the walk, doing the hours, taking the risks and being right at the heart of the activity.

Like the winning lottery ticket, success rarely just lands. You need passion, a firm belief in yourself and your plan, a love of achieving and a sprinkle of luck. Planning to win, writing the plan down, sharing your plan and looking at it daily are all ways of reinforcing the dream. You have to create the steps and put in attainable measures to ensure that your bite size success steps lead to the goal.

This year has re-enforced the importance of ongoing reviews. Could what I do be improved or require change? Am I still bringing what the market wants? Pivot was the buzz word mid 2020. It saw some businesses switch from manufacturing doors to turning out medical supplies, from distilling gin to producing hand sanitizer as inspiring leaders saw the need to rethink their strategy and change their modus operandi. Then they led their teams with confidence and positivity through very unpredictable times.

Being around and trusting those in your network is also key as is sharing opportunity, paying it forward and recognising the ones who just want to take.

Always be the best version of you every day, investing in yourself and your health and wellbeing, learning and recognising that only today is assured – so make it count.

2020 has been an incredible year! Fun Training For Results has changed for the better on methods, delivery, results and relationships. Day training in hotels has been replaced with modules delivered online. On-site coaching has become an integral part of the offering. Weekly set tasks and accountability are now a feature that delivers achievement. Working alongside teams for months at a time, learning about a company’s processes and people, challenging and together creating extraordinary results has become the path to success. Zoom is now just what we all do, a platform for workshops, meetings and networking.

As January 2021 waits, be sure to begin! Take the first step, remember life is not fair or perfect but you can determine where you are walking and the direction you choose.

This year as a nation we have survived and traded throughout a pandemic. In business as in life, we have trusted more, been kinder and created opportunity unthought of this time last year.

Be confident in you – and begin!