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Express Yourself!

Madonna sang about expressing yourself in 1989 as did NWA and Labyrinth. It’s a popular theme. But what happens if

Begin Day 1!

There’s something special about the week between Christmas and New Year. Some businesses stop, some opening hours are reduced, there’s

Consultant Helps Sales Teams Adapt to a Virtual World!

LEP consultant helps sales teams adapt to a virtual world


Pivot, the new business buzz word mid Covid-19. As a verb it means to turn on a point, think ballet

Stop Selling!

Stop selling, timing is everything. Speaking with clients, prospects, businesses in my network all week and there is a recurring

The Wallaby sealed the deal.

Really it was all about the wallaby, the boing, boing, boing…. Hearing the said boing on repeat across the airwaves.

What is a review meeting?

Standard reply is, when we review our services with a client. Oh dear, at this point head in hands I


I want to spend my money with you! Margaret thought, I really do want to spend my money with you,