Boris Bumble’s shirts bulge at the belly and the buttons threaten to attack at any moment. Years of too much cheese, fine wine and little activity, apart from the shooting of course, have created a physique that attracts gout.

Boris Bumble runs a business that his parents’ money bought, and he runs it by fear. He is that leader who peers, sneers and laughs at his own belittling jokes about someone in his team.

Boris Bumble is a big bully managing a small team. By managing, I mean he is in the same building, all be it squashed into a rather unforgiving, oversized leather chair.

Boris hasn’t a clue about people, but he does have a thing about money – and he wants more. Boris is greedy! He wants millions and feels he deserves millions. His bank balance is the last thing he looks at night and the first thing he checks when he wakes up.

Bethany works for Boris in Customer Service with a bit of admin and tea making thrown in and on occasions, even a bit of cleaning. Bethany is a timid person, kind with a great heart and she feels sorry for her boss. Bethany has soul, with less interest in money and more in being a good person, paying forward, doing a great job and sincerely looking after her customers.

Bethany is paid little. She once mentioned a pay rise but when she saw Boris go blue in the face and his breathing go shallow, she hastily backed off and never raised the subject again. Bethany tries to ignore him mostly and pities him. She just gets on with her job.

But this week, spring has arrived and new life is popping up everywhere. Just back from the Boat Show, Boris has decided that he wants a yacht! A big, in your face, pretentious yacht.

“More!”, he bellows at Bethany and the team, “I want more business, more sales, more clients more money – and I want it now!”

Bethany and the admin team are tasked with the selling, increasing income and profit, finding more customers, with minimal training, support, instruction or motivation to complete the task.

Bethany is like many undervalued people working for big bully bosses. The huge win here for Bethany, the Customer Service lady, is that her clients love her. You see, Bethany lives Sincere Values because she learned about these on a Fun Training For Results

Customer Service Wow course that she persuaded Boris to send her on. She really cares about her clients, she provides what they need, listens, indulges them and expresses thanks to them. Bethany may be timid, but she is switched on. She knows all her clients and knows that they value her.

Boris’s bellowed yacht demand was the final straw for Bethany. Bethany walked away from Boris Bumble and set up on her own. Bethany has the confidence to do this as she now knows what it’s all about and is confident that she will soon have a loyal customer base, no doubt including a few from her old firm. From now on she will be putting the Wow into Customer Service for her own benefit – and not B. Bumble’s!

Silly, short-sighted Boris!

Sally Roberts

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