Right up my street this time of year, in pots, in the ground, in baskets in anything really that allows for depth and soil.

When you plant a bulb, maybe a tulip, a daffodil or a few snowdrops, the size varies but the look of the wizened little ball is dull, uninspiring, unappealing. It offers no hint of its full potential, dormant inside.

That insignificant looking bulb holds the potential to dazzle, to become a huge allium standing proud with its spherical, purple display in the spring. The snowdrop’s delicate green frame and white flower forces its way through the ground and is the first sign of life in January. Next, the daffodil, proud and upright and in their masses, showing everyone for miles around that spring is here. New life, warmer days, buds on trees and bluer skies.

All the wow, the colour and the fabulous begins with a tiny bit of unappealing brown bulb. Of course, nothing at all would happen if that bulb didn’t get planted in some soil.

Business is like a bulb, the raw potential held within, ready to blossom, grow and develop.

You make a start somewhere, make some plans, take a few risks, generate some activity, evaluate, revise, seize opportunities and move forward. Only then will you continue to display extraordinary results. The colourful display that is a success in business is rarely a quick win. It needs time, energy and commitment.

Having potential, like a bulb is great but what really matters is that you plant it, make a start and give yourself the chance to realise your own unique, extraordinary potential.

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