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Really CARE.

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Really CARE.

Really CARE, not just the token bottle of plonk and a pack of mince pies because its Christmas – care all year about your customer and making their business a success. The result, it will make your success all the sweeter.

Its the same as it was over 100 years ago, to be great at sales – you need to care. To genuinely care about your customer. It is so easy to say and pretty easy to demonstrate but honestly – Do You ? Do you really care about your customer.

It is the difference between the sales person that sees business coming to them and the sales person that is constantly chasing new.

I found a book this weekend – pre christmas clean, from 1913! Dale Carneghi – How To Win Friends and Influence People. It is one of the few books that I have to hand and regardless of the date, over 100 years old, its relevance is spot on.

In a world of sales, where at last the recognition that cold calling is pretty ineffective and referrals is the way forward – we delight over You Tubers telling us this great news . But simply it is no new news …. (a mouthful) In a nutshell and I quote “being interested in other people your clients – matters.”

Grabbing the deal, relishing in quick fix target achievement and then spending the commission, great — BUT if next month you start to climb the mountain to an ever increasing target AGAIN – it may be time to have a rethink.

Time to look at efficiency, imagine a world where clients call you. SWEET AS……

But it happens – I have done it time after time. It takes a while – to establish your sincerity – your integrity – but it works and your reputation precedes. Clients will call you.

So care a bit today, tomorrow and from now on. Be at the top of the mountain taking the calls.
Happy Christmas & a Profitable New Year, from Fun Training For Results – we look forward to working with you.