Inspire change for 2021

Begin Day 1!

There’s something special about the week between Christmas and New Year. Some businesses stop, some opening hours are reduced, there’s a real slow down, time to reflect.

Reflecting on Fun Training For Results created a chuckle for me, some disbelief and a sigh. I looked back at Day 1 and recalled a logo that was certainly striking, a colorful website that flashed and training delivered by the day. Absolutely no regrets but four years on, with the knowledge and experience I’ve gained, it could have been better on Day 1. That really doesn’t matter. What matters is that Fun Training For Results began!

Day 1 is key, the first step, the beginning. It’s when you commit to an idea, a dream or ambition and you begin to achieve. Day 1 is rarely perfect but the very act of beginning is what sets people apart. I have met some incredibly successful entrepreneurs and read about others who have created something extraordinary and what matters is that they all began. They all had a Day 1.

A unifying driver in creating success, achieving dreams and making it happen is commitment. It means committing with action, effort, determination and more action. It means walking the walk, doing the hours, taking the risks and being right at the heart of the activity.

Like the winning lottery ticket, success rarely just lands. You need passion, a firm belief in yourself and your plan, a love of achieving and a sprinkle of luck. Planning to win, writing the plan down, sharing your plan and looking at it daily are all ways of reinforcing the dream. You have to create the steps and put in attainable measures to ensure that your bite size success steps lead to the goal.

This year has re-enforced the importance of ongoing reviews. Could what I do be improved or require change? Am I still bringing what the market wants? Pivot was the buzz word mid 2020. It saw some businesses switch from manufacturing doors to turning out medical supplies, from distilling gin to producing hand sanitizer as inspiring leaders saw the need to rethink their strategy and change their modus operandi. Then they led their teams with confidence and positivity through very unpredictable times.

Being around and trusting those in your network is also key as is sharing opportunity, paying it forward and recognising the ones who just want to take.

Always be the best version of you every day, investing in yourself and your health and wellbeing, learning and recognising that only today is assured – so make it count.

2020 has been an incredible year! Fun Training For Results has changed for the better on methods, delivery, results and relationships. Day training in hotels has been replaced with modules delivered online. On-site coaching has become an integral part of the offering. Weekly set tasks and accountability are now a feature that delivers achievement. Working alongside teams for months at a time, learning about a company’s processes and people, challenging and together creating extraordinary results has become the path to success. Zoom is now just what we all do, a platform for workshops, meetings and networking.

As January 2021 waits, be sure to begin! Take the first step, remember life is not fair or perfect but you can determine where you are walking and the direction you choose.

This year as a nation we have survived and traded throughout a pandemic. In business as in life, we have trusted more, been kinder and created opportunity unthought of this time last year.

Be confident in you – and begin!


Pivot, the new business buzz word mid Covid-19.

As a verb it means to turn on a point, think ballet dancer, or as a noun, the central point on which a business turns. It facilitates a change of direction. Yes, it baffled me too.

You started your business with a product, a service and a plan. You created every detail, plotted the timeline and visualised the success.

Just now, many businesses are experiencing an unexpected pivot, still going, just, turning on a point, a tiny point.

This was not in the plan. The choice is whether to stay turning or to stop for a while, take a fresh look at the changing market place, listen to or anticipate what your customers will be asking for.

Can you see a new way of working, a new way of being in business and providing the same or maybe a different product or service, maybe in a different way?

The willingness on your part to acknowledge this moment, to respond to this unexpected pivot, to be brave and different is where your growth will come from.

According to Steve Rogers’ Tedx, 93% of successful entrepreneurial companies have pivoted.

Pivot, be brave and you will grow.

Fun Training’s pivot, we are going Virtual!

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Stop Selling

Stop Selling!

Stop selling, timing is everything.

Speaking with clients, prospects, businesses in my network all week and there is a recurring theme,

“ Why are people trying to sell to me? “

An online course, a webinar this, or online video conference that,

Heavily discounted, half price, reduced fee…


Time for an ear, some empathy, to share the moment.

For some, business is buoyant but for many it’s gone, off a cliff, rug pulled – nothing, nada, nil.

Special offers, fancy discounts and once in a lifetime opportunities are for another day.

Today is about people. So, build and nurture relationships, lend an ear, be there.

Stop selling today, now, if you want to sell more in the future.


The Wallaby sealed the deal.

Really it was all about the wallaby, the boing, boing, boing….

Hearing the said boing on repeat across the airwaves. Imagining excited children boinging their way into the newest farm attraction.

The story about how the commercials would sound, painted with pictures of happy families, full car parks, Granny holding an ice cream and donkeys being ridden. Really though the clincher was the wallaby.

The average order for the ad agency was at the time 5k. The Wallaby deal 45K. Wow! The celebrations were fab, loud cheers and applause and to be truthful, shock.

How had one order been notably higher than any before? Why on this occasion had they increased the avo by over 400%?

The pitch, story or presentation had been carried out by a rookie, the new girl so it made no sense.

Actually, it made total sense. The new girl had no blockers, no clue about the avo, what most companies spent or how they carried out their marketing strategy. She had no pre- conceptions of good, bad or indifferent.

She excitedly shared how her visions for the client looked, understood his “why” and creatively went wild, using pictures, sounds and imagination. She was flipping what had been done before, blissfully unaware of any precedents, and creating new. When the wallaby boinged – the buy in was there, signed sealed and delivered.

There are two huge lessons if wanting to sell more.

Park the blockers! Life is not perfect and if you have been in a company for a while you will know what can go wrong, the average order and the delivery schedule.  If you want to inspire your client, and you should, then park the blockers, see no obstacles and go all out to grab the moon.

Be inspirational. Be creative, excited and passionate about your ideas. Forget thinking outside the box – reinvent it. Go wild, crazy and display enthusiasm. Create concepts unheard of ideas that are mind-blowing. Be remembered for wowing the room not just having a chat or a thought.

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What is a review meeting?

Standard reply is, when we review our services with a client.

Oh dear, at this point head in hands I want to cry. No, really no!

A review meeting should not be about your services or product.

An effective review meeting remains firmly about your customer’s business.

Yes, but Sally, we want to share how much we are doing for them, how brilliant we are, the results we bring them.

A review meeting, six months or annual is time to check in with your customer’s most important reason for being – their business.

It’s time to go back to when they were a prospect. When you asked about their future plans, ambitions and goals. When you placed yourself in their future and received a “Yes”. In the beginning it was about winning their business by knowing them and creating inspiring solutions to deliver their goal.

Guess what? A review is just the same. Business does not stand still, people, goals and vision can change. Scheduling in reviews that are about your customer keep you in the mix and a part of their future.

There are many companies who omit reviews because they are too busy or make the mistake of simply sharing how great they have been. Well, standby because there is a new salesperson around the corner, treating your customer like their prospect. They are learning their goals for future growth and placing themselves in your shoes, so easily taking your perceived business.

Sensational reviews, listen, applaud and if you see a gap then create an opportunity for inspired creative solutions. Winning business is no guarantee it will stay with you. However, quality reviews can increase your chance of owning it.

Next time you’re booking a review meeting, question who should this be about?

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Be around people who make you smile, are positive and in your corner.

I absolutely love and believe in this.

Paying it forward, very Bob Burgh. Referring those you know, like and trust.

There are always the bumps in the road, the swerves, the challenges,

But ultimately, looking out for others brings back great rewards, success, referrals.

Listening to Brian Tracy Psychology of Selling, parts are dated, such as “wait until the meeting ends  before you light a cigarette”, but mostly it is still relevant.

The quote:

“If you associate with turkeys, you will never fly with the eagles” is harsh. After all who wants to be a turkey?

But – if you’re around negative, accusatory, uninspiring people, you’re not going to fly far!

Makes you think!


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Right up my street this time of year, in pots, in the ground, in baskets in anything really that allows for depth and soil.

When you plant a bulb, maybe a tulip, a daffodil or a few snowdrops, the size varies but the look of the wizened little ball is dull, uninspiring, unappealing. It offers no hint of its full potential, dormant inside.

That insignificant looking bulb holds the potential to dazzle, to become a huge allium standing proud with its spherical, purple display in the spring. The snowdrop’s delicate green frame and white flower forces its way through the ground and is the first sign of life in January. Next, the daffodil, proud and upright and in their masses, showing everyone for miles around that spring is here. New life, warmer days, buds on trees and bluer skies.

All the wow, the colour and the fabulous begins with a tiny bit of unappealing brown bulb. Of course, nothing at all would happen if that bulb didn’t get planted in some soil.

Business is like a bulb, the raw potential held within, ready to blossom, grow and develop.

You make a start somewhere, make some plans, take a few risks, generate some activity, evaluate, revise, seize opportunities and move forward. Only then will you continue to display extraordinary results. The colourful display that is a success in business is rarely a quick win. It needs time, energy and commitment.

Having potential, like a bulb is great but what really matters is that you plant it, make a start and give yourself the chance to realise your own unique, extraordinary potential.

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We want to grow our business to £8 million, 50% growth and to make that happen we plan to do absolutely nothing differently.

“We embrace change here at Fox’s Fixings”

This is what they told me, just before it was quickly followed up with, “we would really like the training to be exactly the same as it’s been for the past thirty years!”

Fox’s Fixings are an innovative company. The teams in the factory are hungry and driven. They want growth and can see opportunity. The Middle Managers drive their teams’ enthusiasm and try to embrace new opportunities.

But then at the top sits The Family. You will recognise them I am sure. They give people status in title only, but any autonomy is pinched. They are the decision makers, the real power brokers and they hold the purse strings. The PR team can spin the story that change is embraced, but really if it’s been done a certain way for over thirty years, why change?

The pace of selling and delivering customer service wow is fast, new and exciting. As consumers, we respond differently to thirty years ago. Make sure that you are at the front, reviewing, learning new ways and winning business because that is when real growth begins.

It’s an old Henry Ford quote and he knew a thing or two. “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always had”. If you’re selling a product or service in an ever-changing market place, then change, for you, is a must.

Avoid change at your peril!

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Edward was booked First Class to fly to New York. It was late November and he was going to New York, First Class, to skate, shop at Macy’s, visit the Statue of Liberty, walk through Central Park and eat at Daniel’s on 65th Street.

Edward had worked hard for this holiday, fulfilling a dream, one on the bucket list. He had saved hard, missed nights out to save and now he was so close to his dream trip to New York.

Edward was beyond excited as his trip of a lifetime was nearly here.

Sophie was given a First Class ticket to New York. It included a trip to Macy’s, Daniel’s on 65th Street for a meal and a ride by horse and carriage through Central Park.

Sophie only ever flew First Class. She did not understand why anyone would ever fly Economy. She had also been invited to an opening night of the Lloyd Webber musical on The West End. It was on the same day as the New York trip so rather a tight schedule. Not to worry, she could do New York another day. Always another time. No big deal for Sophie.

It was the same destination, same flights, similar activities – but two completely different outlooks.

How do you value what you sell, your product or service? More important, how does your customer perceive the value of your product or service?

Being in business is great and this week I learned that value, really great value is in the eye of the beholder and not in the price of the goods.

Be Valuable.

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