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Lets talk AA! The two best ever closes.

A pile of batteries in different sizes

Lets talk AA! The two best ever closes.

There are stacks, dozens, hundreds of  possible of ways to close a sale. I have looked at most, researched plenty, heard many, tried many and ultimately there are two little gems that just work.

AA. Assumptive and Alternative. They are easy to use, polite and simple, with no jargon and no fancy explanations. They do what they say they’ll do and you don’t need a whole day to learn them.

From the minute we meet a client or prospect the clever sales person is Assuming a successful close – after all why wouldn’t the client buy? The Assumptive close is arrogant, cocky, beautiful, impactful, powerful and it works. The belief in our product and ourself just oozes from us. Let’s all be sales people with total faith that we offer is what our client needs. This is a sales person who radiates success. After all, we know the deal is done, in the bag, the bonus earned, the commission spent.

The Alternative close is a little softer. Would you prefer this or that? Large or extra large? Two or three? It allows the client some thinking time. It’s not about if, but about which? In fact, combined with the Assumptive close, we have an all powerful tool enabling us to lead our client along the decision making path.

So whilst not a wild revelation, when coming to the close, keep the oldest, simplest methods close by. Walk tall! Assume success! Believe you have closed and you more than likely will!

Done Deal!

Sally Roberts @ Fun Training For Results.

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