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Fit on The Phone ….

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Fit on The Phone ….

Fit on The Phone … well you know the rest !

I used to work with a lady who’s body was a temple… Indeed she was beautiful but not in a way that would have Kate Moss in fear of her model status (would any of us).

The point, said lady used to make good money being a – well what is the job title a “sex goddess” on the paid for chat lines, back in the day. Mid ironing and having a cuppa whilst donning leggings and a hoodie – she would be delighting her customers. Their image of her I can only imagine (if I have to), but I am guessing the iron was not a part of their picture.

There is more to this, confidence on the telephone for many is tricky. In a world where the name, face, emoji appears on screen when we take a call, why should people know how to answer the phone? Geezer… Mate … Bud … Awight ….. are a world away from post war, “Hello, this is Leeds 610334, who is calling?” It was so correct and of its time.

Today in business phone skills and confidence matter. ALL your team should be equipped with the tools to do the job, never assume that they just know how to answer the phone . To know that they are creating an impression, a first impression of your company.

It does not take long – but learning the basics, five simple steps will ensure all your customer past present and future, that call your company will be delighted. Delighted customer means repeat business and more referrals, simply win win. More money, more profit, now that is worth putting in a call for.

Telephone Confidence – by Fun Training For Results .

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