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confidence is a must in selling and customer service, Harrogate
sales training, confidence, George Anderson
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George Anderson, you are an inspiration!

sales training

George Anderson, you are an inspiration!

George now in his 80’s and most definitely not retired, addresses B2B with a ten-minute presentation. It’s his life story, packed with achievement, success, family and overcoming ill health. It was inspiring. 

The take-away for me was this; after his two years in the parachute regiment he came out with incredible confidence and a belief that he could do and achieve anything. George attributed this to being part of such a prestigious regiment and his confidence was a given, the by-product of his training, dedication and experience. 

It set me thinking about confidence. Imagine such implicit confidence that your belief that anything you set your mind to do – will happen! An intrinsic feeling that you will achieve. It’s in the bag, done, won accomplished.

Years ago, I met a sales manager who asked me what would happen if I didn’t hit target! I looked puzzled and was surprised that a sales manager of notable kudos would ask me such a silly question. In sales, entertaining anything other than success is a waste of energy. I always plan to win, hit target, achieve and be successful. 

I am not negating obstacles, those hurdles that will require a detour or a nudge but nudges and detours are all that they will be. 

George radiated great confidence, that feeling and belief that anything is possible. 

Confidence is an incredible quality. It attracts people to you and in sales, as in life, how superb is that?

Be confident and sell more!

Think like George!