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Have you ever had sales training? 

sales training

Have you ever had sales training? 

That was the question. “Have you ever in your life had sales training?” 

He laughed “Sally, I have been in selling in Harrogate for twenty years”.

“Yes, but have you ever had sales training?”

The answer simply was no, of course not, he’d been far too busy being busy with his company. His view was, why learn to sell when I can wing it, be chatty be nice and be arrogant without all that?

Well, I have a house, but I can’t build. I’ve travelled abroad, but can’t speak all the languages. I drive a car but am not a mechanic. I have bank account but I’m not an accountant.

Frequently, on the courses I deliver, I witness delegates who have light bulb moments. They are challenged, encouraged and they learn. When they leave at the end of a fun day, they go on to sell more because they were open to learning how to go about it and to improve their skills. 

The chap in question, will he do the course? I doubt it! I expect he will continue to do what he’s always done, believing it’s OK, the best option.

Pity – I could have helped him make millions!

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