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“I am a natural rapport builder!”

“I am a natural rapport builder!”

That was the description that made me chuckle this week, someone describing their attributes on LinkedIn.

Who is naturally good at building rapport? Can anyone be naturally good at it?

Being friendly, able to ignite a conversation and make an instant, positive connection with someone requires confidence and practice. It’s a skill that can be honed.

We need to put away our preconceptions when we meet someone for the first time. This is tricky as our instincts and first impressions activate to protect us. In the moment, we need to be one hundred percent focused on this new person so that we really engage, listen and learn.

More notably, we need to shake off our own self-awareness, wondering what they might think of our hair, that spot, our fragrance. They probably haven’t noticed these things anyway. Well, hopefully not the spot!

Natural rapport builder? I wonder! This is a skill that takes time and practice.

Like to learn how to do it?

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