I know it’s a stretch – but really, I love my bucket!

It’s not just any old bucket, its raspberry pink with a purple lid, yes, a lid. How many buckets have lids? It’s similar in appearance to a crinkled cut crisp, the big ridge variety. You just want to touch it, look at it and relish in its design and texture. I know it’s only a bucket, but this is one extraordinary bucket.

The other day, I needed a bucket, who doesn’t? With an eye for pink and good design, this bucket and I were meant to be, so now it lives at home, well, in the greenhouse with me.

So, it’s just a bucket, get over it Sally, it has been said. The general opinion of “it’s just a bucket” is spot on because it is, just a bucket and it does what all buckets do. There are many buckets you can buy, black mostly, builders buckets, kitchen buckets, but they are all buckets. My bucket is different, it stands out, shouts at you, says if you value design and different then you want me. And I did.

If function was our only reason for purchase, then colour, design and texture would not be welcome at the party of purchase choice. But we don’t just buy on function or need, we buy because, we can, we want to, we like, we love.

If what we sell, product, service or buckets, has a function and fulfils a need or want, well that in isolation is pretty dull. Unless you have ideas, like my bucket. How do you stand out? How do you market your uniqueness, your brilliance? What makes you the best accountant, HR specialist, lawyer, recruiter, film maker? Are you shouting it out, or are you being a non-descript, plain black bucket sitting on a shop shelf waiting to be noticed?

Here is the lesson! If your business is that bucket, sitting on the shelf, waiting to be noticed, then stop now! Game over, not happening! If you want business, to be noticed, stand up and be a pink and purple crinkle cut bucket – with a lid. Get noticed, stay noticed, be talked about, referred to and win business.

I love my bucket, because it reminds me that being out there matters.

Sally Roberts

Fun Training For Results

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