I want to spend my money with you!

Margaret thought, I really do want to spend my money with you, today! She had a list of exactly what she wanted, a selection of over 3000 garden bulbs. She had the money and she wanted to spend it today, right now, at the Garden Show. Her garden design and planning had been going on for months and today was the day that she wanted to buy the bulbs. It was her very reason for visiting the Show.

Margaret walked on to the first bulb stand, and waited. Please talk to me, thought Margaret, keen to share her garden plans with people who understood. As much as she wanted to spend money at this stall, she wanted to be spoken to and her enthusiasm for her planting scheme and these bulbs to be recognised. Margaret wanted the stall holder to want her business. Ask me, thought Margaret, don’t push me or talk too much, just acknowledge me, smile, crack a joke, anything – but please don’t ignore me!

You are ignoring me! You’re talking to your colleague, discussing coffee breaks and where to lunch but here I am, on your stand, being ignored. I’m facing the stall holder and being ignored!

Margaret didn’t like being ignored, especially when she was so close to buying the 3000 bulbs she’d been planning and saving for. She wanted to spend her money and buy these bulbs today. After all, this was a lot of money, notably more than your average order value. Several minutes passed and Margaret was still being ignored – so she walked away! Wouldn’t you? She tried another two stands and experienced a similar lack of acknowledgement and engagement.

Back at home, Margaret went online and ordered her bulbs, a faceless but efficient transaction.

Customer Service Wow is about delighting everyone in proximity to your business. The power of the 7-second first impression should never be ignored. Smiling and acknowledging any interested parties should never be replaced with ill manners.

In such a competitive world, remember that to delight your client you first need to acknowledge them. It only takes seconds and the results can be stunning. Happy prospects mean happy clients and that means money in the till and good publicity.

Remember, customers are real people who need to be acknowledged!

I want you to want my business!

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