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Oliver Could Not Close

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Oliver Could Not Close

Every company has an Oliver! The good-looking chap wearing bang up to date fashion with ease, be it Primarni or Armani. Oliver, 28 just had it, the looks, the charm, the style, all of it, BUT Oliver, Olly to his friends, often could not close the deal. He wanted to rock the world, smash the targets and be the best. He was hungry for huge success, recognition and big commission.
Olly joined the media sales team from a car dealership, where a person entering a car showroom is a pretty massive buying signal. It’s different in media. Rarely does the phone ring off the hook with clients wanting to spend thousands of pounds right now, today. It takes time and understanding to build up and work with an ever-changing client relationship.
Olly was struggling. The clients loved him, his wit made them laugh and they enjoyed his company. He was a great networker, happy to buy the drinks and dance the salsa til all hours, but he couldn’t close the deal.
Why was this? Well, Olly was missing a trick. How can you close if don’t know the gap? How can you pitch if you don’t understand why the client would need or want to buy? Olly was asking questions, open and true, but that was it. He failed to establish the need so there was no gap.
In sales, it’s a case of Big Need, Big Gap, Big Pitch! No Need, No Gap, No Pitch! Olly needed to find the gap!
Whilst working on Steps 4 and 5 of the sales process, Olly learned an amazingly simple way to find the gap. Today, 18 months later, Oliver still has the looks, oozes charm, wears fashion easily but now he drives a Porsche, paid for in part with big commissions.
Big Need, Big Gap, Big Pitch …. Porsche!
If you would like to drive a Porcshe, earn bigger commission or simply learn how to find the gap, then call me about booking some time with Fun Training For Results!

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