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The importance of building relationships in business to generate long term sales
Relationships in business
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One-night stand or Relationship! 

Matt hotel manager

One-night stand or Relationship! 

Amy referred the venue and its General Manager, Matt. Apparently, his attention to detail was superb, positively pedantic in fact, but this had made for a fabulous events. His venue sounded spectacular, not that I’d ever seen it at this stage.

I trusted Amy. I knew her to be honest and knew that she would only refer if she believed the venue and Matt would be good for my company. 

I spoke with Matt and his enthusiasm for working with me was powerful. Too powerful maybe, as the next correspondence was his terms and conditions with a request for a signature and some money. An invitation for coffee,  the chance to meet up and show me the venue was completely missed. The opportunity to get to know and understand Fun Training For Results was overlooked. 

Please understand that relationships are built on more than a conversation, more than an email. Relationships take time, learning about a company, its values and the people behind it.

If you want to sell more and have happier customers, get to know them first. Invest in some time with them. 

Quick wins, like one-night stands, are one offs, over and done.

If you’re in business and plan to stay in business for the long term, then make sure you invest in relationships.