I met a man at Networking months ago. Nice chap, polite, friendly with a great business.

As I often do, I suggested coffee, to learn about his business. Just coffee to begin the relationship. Nothing to sell as no clue about whether he needed any help from me.

The invitation met with a verbal “great idea” and then was subsequently rejected. From memory, his actual words were along the lines of “I have this sales thing sorted!”

Great, good news, move on, but noted on the CRM. Fast forward eight months and a LinkedIn post from someone in my Network, creates a spark, an engagement, a potential prospect.

The very same man, the nice chap, polite and friendly that said “no” to the coffee, messages: “Sally, please can you introduce me to your friend? I’d like to work with him.”

Now, what would you do?

How can I refer you if I don’t know you?

How can I know you if you won’t meet up?

Pay it forward! If you want to sell more, then spend time with people and build relationships.


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