Pivot, the new business buzz word mid Covid-19.

As a verb it means to turn on a point, think ballet dancer, or as a noun, the central point on which a business turns. It facilitates a change of direction. Yes, it baffled me too.

You started your business with a product, a service and a plan. You created every detail, plotted the timeline and visualised the success.

Just now, many businesses are experiencing an unexpected pivot, still going, just, turning on a point, a tiny point.

This was not in the plan. The choice is whether to stay turning or to stop for a while, take a fresh look at the changing market place, listen to or anticipate what your customers will be asking for.

Can you see a new way of working, a new way of being in business and providing the same or maybe a different product or service, maybe in a different way?

The willingness on your part to acknowledge this moment, to respond to this unexpected pivot, to be brave and different is where your growth will come from.

According to Steve Rogers’ Tedx, 93% of successful entrepreneurial companies have pivoted.

Pivot, be brave and you will grow.

Fun Training’s pivot, we are going Virtual!

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