We have had the pleasure of working with some great companies and fantastic teams.

Cubed Talent

So, what to say about Sally R?

I was aware of Sally’s reputation – and had the benefit of insider info from very trusted sources regarding her approach, philosophy and impact. To paraphrase the Bernard-Shaw maxim – ‘Those that can – do. Those that can’t – teach’. The point being that there are many ‘trainers, coaches and gurus’ – who can cite theory, but often can’t rock the reality.

Sally, is without doubt one of the most authentic, energised, impactful, focused and committed strategic partners we’ve ever engaged. ‘Sales training’ doesn’t do justice to the contribution Sally has made. There has been a seismic shift in energy, focus, teamwork, cooperation, confidence/can do – in each and every member of the team.

I like to measure the impact/results of any business investment – to cut through any rhetoric and/or fluff. Sally delivers substance and empirical/objective results – direct and indirect value, every time. She completely ‘gets’ and understands the mindset, motivation and drivers of key stakeholders – whether investors, executives, managers or team members – never losing sight of the agenda/justification for making an investment in training or any other investment for that matter.

The cost/benefit is self-evident.

The response from the team has been overwhelming. As with any other business, we have those that go at it like a bull at a gate and others who stand back to wait and see. By the time we hit the final presentations everyone was jostling to share their ‘sales bible’ presentation. First class content, presentation and substance all round.

We all know what good looks like. ‘Great’ however, comes in the form of Sally Roberts. Steven Street, COO



We’ve had the absolute honour of working with Sally for in excess of 2 years. What started off with our customer service team pre lockdown, evolved into an online immersive experience as Sally reacted to our new world of online zooms. Not only were we able to continue to provide the engaging training to our customer service team, but we chose to roll out this training to all areas of our business. We soon realised that we not only have external customers but we also have internal ones who are equally as important and valued. This proved incredibly powerful in improving internal communications and
building stronger and more productive relationships. Relationships built on empathy, trust and respect.

Sally linked all the training to our values, really bringing them to life. While producing engaging and useful content that could be immediately implemented in the day to day.

Sally’s energy, passion and enthusiasm is unrivalled. A real whirlwind that you just want to be around.

Dan Williams CEO Orean

Aaztec Washrooms

Aaztec Washrooms

Sally always brings positive thoughts, motivation and a lot of fun to her training sessions. The weeks have flown by, every week the whole team would take something away from the training, which has changed the way we operate. At the start of the 13 weeks we had several doubters, but over the weeks you could see them come round to the training and start to really engage. All the in-person training was reinforced with a Zoom “Coffee and Success” meeting on a Friday morning. She may push you outside your comfort zone but now I really understand why I have to stand like a tree!

Thank you, Sally and I hope it won’t be too long before we are working with you again.

Fred Welborn, Director Aaztec


Having involved Sally in both our customer service and sales teams it was obvious what a positive effect the training had. The training courses were excellent and led to our decision to have the sales team work with Sally for an extended term. The success and results the team have achieved have been outstanding, I would definitely recommend Sally’s exceptional training and experience.

Heather Mawrey, Managing Director Beaucare


We have sadly just finished training with Sally! We have always believed as a company and individuals, ‘you never know it all’ and we want to make sure that we are always providing the best service to our customers. So we called upon Sally’s expertise to help us ensure we are doing all that we can.

The sessions were brilliant, very upbeat and fitted our needs and wants. Sally kept the team engaged – which isn’t as easy on Zoom, but she managed to do this with her enthusiasm and knowledge.

I would highly recommend Sally to any organisation looking for help or maybe just to tweak what they have already, lift it to the next level. You won’t regret it! Invest in your business and your team with an expert like Sally as she will help add value to your business. We have made changes already and will continue to put into action what we have learnt. We love eating big fat frogs! Thank you, Sally!

Vicky Humberstone, Co Owner Voicepower


We have recently undertaken a 13 week programme with Sally with our sales team, and I can say already that our team are reaping the rewards of it.

The training was full of content, involving and pushing our sales team out of their comfort zones – all whilst accommodating social distancing and with some excellent Friday afternoon catch ups over zoom.

The training ended with individual presentations on topics covered, and it was clear to see that the content was really taken on board and the training provided by Sally is some of the best that we have carried out.

I cannot recommend Sally highly enough for any of your sales team training requirements.

Dean Jackson, Head of Sales Green-tech

Concorde Technology

Sally has been providing sales training for the Business Development Managers here at Concorde Technology. The training is delivered with passion, energy and professionalism and appeals to all participants no matter what level of experience they have or think they have. Sally makes the training interactive and interesting, delivering modules from “Improving LinkedIn and how to use it effectively” to, “Effective networking and its advantages”. I would, without doubt recommend Sally to all organisations that wish to educate & re-invigorate their sales teams.

Jonathan Helps, Concorde Technology

Bettys – Harrogate

Different to your average course, you are up on your feet and challenged to help you learn. Fun, interactive, reminds of basics you may let slip. Learning new top tips, I am excited to put into action. I will be sending others your way as it’s never to late to learn or re-fresh.
Nadene Wilkinson


An absolutely inspiring presentation from Sally at the Breakthrough in Branch event at Santander in Harrogate last week. The theme was all around Business Growth and Adapting to Change. Sally’s session was interactive and brilliantly pitched to a wide range of businesses from heating/plumbing engineers to solicitors and accountants. If you want to have happy, engaged staff who you want to sell in the right way then I couldn’t think of anybody better than Sally to help you achieve this!
Paul Webster

Harrogate Conference Centre

At a time when many claim to be ‘different’ and have the ‘solution’ Sally really is and she does. After two intense and fun days, my team were energised with new ideas and a process guaranteed to yield results. So only a few weeks after training confidence is brimming, social media activity is up, calls are up, meetings are up and we are building more relationships. Thank you Sally.
Brian Dobson

Yorkshire Dales Meat Company

Sally is enthusiastic, energetic and very knowledgeable. Her approach is different and it gets people thinking and then engaging while having fun. Alongside the training, Sally loves connecting people, so all parties benefit. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to improve the skillset of their sales team and really motivate them.
James Knox

NCI Insurance

I recently attended the “Learn to sell in a day” course at Rudding Park. If you’re looking for a high energy, fast paced and fun training session, Sally should be your first port of call. Having attended many previous sales training courses, by comparison this was far more energetic and thought provoking. Incredible how much content can be packed into a few hours!
Richard Sharman

Judge Service

I would highly recommend Sally’s training program for any business in the sales arena. Having been in sales for nearly 10 years, her course genuinely is so different from what I expected. Very engaging, active & instead of feeling like just a note taker & clock watching, I took so much from this. Having been on the course 4 weeks ago, I have implemented what I learned into my day to day work & have already seen more appointments generated just by following Sally’s instructions! Thanks Sally.
Tom O’ Brian

Knowles Warwick

Working with Sally across three months has been insightful, fun and has already produced results. Leaving no stone unturned, she has helped us to rethink how we target prospects, speak with our clients, communicate on social media and nurture relationships. She was well prepared and well resourced to deliver some challenging ideas and practical tasks to our staff. Easy to recommend working with Sally at Fun Training For Results if you’re ready to win new business and lock in clients!

Steve Knowles, Chairman Knowles Warwick Accountants


Genuinely a different class – like a networking Google or Alexa. I thought I knew a thing or two about coaching and networking but no. I’m like a weeknight 5-a-sider talking to Ronaldo when with Sally. Like all true masters of their craft, Sally makes delivering hugely engaging coaching look effortless. I was a little apprehensive when Sally was recommended to me as I was less interested in fun, and more in results. Turns out high energy, fun training increases retention, engagement and delivers new skills immediately applicable in role.

Wins for everyone. Her pre and post session work is incredible. She absolutely lives what she says and is easily the best networker I’ve met. And by best I mean sensible introductions between mutually beneficial businesses. And all this is before Sally has recommended interesting podcasts, books, people, documentaries etc based on your conversations. She is so productive I suspect she’s actually identical triplets. Would absolutely 100% recommend her (them?) to any business serious about growth.

Mark Fitzgerald Cooke, Managing Director