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Roses and gardening the correlation to a sales process
sales process in selling and Harrogate roses
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Roses are red!

sales process and roses

Roses are red!

Well more pink for the Gertrude Jekyll and then the red of Tess in my garden. These roses have been spectacular this summer. 

I have talked to them, fed them, protected them from attack and they have bloomed on repeat. The scent has been divine. 

But then, the rust appeared! It began on just a leaf or two then spread to other leaves. It ignored the sprays designed to combat it. This leaf rust was destroying the look of Gertrude and Tess and spoiling my garden.

So, I googled leaf rust, asked other gardeners about it and called up the experts on the David Austin Roses help hot line! The result is that nothing can make it go away right now. Ouch! This is what I have to do:-

  • Remove all affected leaves carefully, right back to the stem
  • Remove all such waste away from the garden

I followed the instructions to the letter. 

Now I have stems without leaves climbing a pergola. I have the structure. It might not look as good as when these wonderful roses were in full bloom, but the structure is key for next year’s growth. 

If you’re still with me, thank you, because here it is, the sales link. Many sales people talk the talk, talk about anything, fluff around asking for the deal but omit any signposting or consolidating. They pursue the swing by or pop in approach.

Extraordinary sales people, those that make selling look effortless, they follow a strong structure, a proven process and when something falls off or they are challenged, then referring to the structure or process shows them where they went wrong and how to make it right.

With your sales team, stripping back to the structure, instilling great process will create fabulous results. 

Will your team be smelling of roses next spring? 


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