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Selling sincerely, listening to the client
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Sales Patter!

banter not listening

Sales Patter!

Sales patter!  It’s right up there with the gift of the gab, banter, ice to Eskimos, wheeler dealer. 

Have you ever said yes to patter, banter, a wheeler dealer? 

Or do you turn away and go elsewhere? 

Top notch, sincere sales people understand what you need and they know to walk away if unable to deliver. They listen carefully, processing what you say so they can delight you with a story about the feelings their product or service delivers. They assume nothing and check the buy-in signals.  They understand you, they make a recommendation – then ask for your business. Your business relationship with these people will be strong and you will refer them because they deliver new, exciting solutions. Both you and they will be delighted with the return on the investment. 

Patter, banter, gift of the gab, leave all that for finest wheeler dealer of all – Arthur Daly! Remember him? 

Selling at Fun Training For Results is a serious business – well, more fun than serious. It’s sincere, creates relationships and delivers extraordinary results. 

Time you shook off the patter, parked the banter and sold more! 

Sally  07432 545692

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