Sell More and Have Happier Customers

However slick your sales process, without people to sell to, you’re stuck. Learning how to prospect and win opportunities without a sales mindset won’t happen. This book shows you how to sell more and have happier customers by optimising all three elements – Mindset, Prospecting and Selling

Every company I work with takes a target and smashes it. Every company I work with learns to understand the benefit of going all out to delight customers. These companies and their people value and use my training. Their clients refer them, they sell more, achieve growth and enjoy what they do. They now have the tools to deliver extraordinary results.

Recommendations from respected business leaders praise the impact the training has on their people, culture and bottom line. People have suggested I put the content online and offer a module to download but this felt insincere. Who really learns about sales after watching an animation or a slide deck?

It always had to be a book. A credible book backed, up with content that can deliver results, makes sense, is relatable and crucially, can be used, straight away.

There are some incredible books on selling. Search on YouTube or Google and sales icons of times past and present appear and they share some great content. The slight flaw is that the person sharing “how to sell” does not look or feel like me or the people I have trained. Many books share how to sell but far less has been written on how to go and find people to sell to. Does that seem strange? It does to me. Would a company trained to be slick in the implementation of a proven sales process be successful if it had no one to sell to? It would be a waste of time and money.

Businesses, people, companies and organisations say, “We want to sell more, to grow and have more money in the till”. It makes sense and sounds like a good idea. Next, they enrol on a sales course, watch a video or buy a book all about selling. Even if the book is read, the course completed and the online module downloaded, sadly success is not guaranteed. To sell more you need to know more than just a sales process. Selling is the final skill you need in order to sell more.

A great mindset ensures successful prospecting and that generates opportunity to sell using a proven process. This book considers all three parts: mindset, prospecting and sales process.

Throughout this book you will meet business people that you will recognise, characters you have come across and scenarios you will find relatable.