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Swing By, Pop In, Drop Round

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Swing By, Pop In, Drop Round

Swing by … Pop in … Drop round, are not and never have been a true business appointment.

In a world where sometimes the need to achieve activity rates out shadows the focus on quality – a sales force can resort to popping, swinging and dropping. Its crackers (seasonal) but it happens.

So how well do you know your teams activity. Are they making good quality appointments with the decision maker. Is the date set, the agenda planned, the expectation clear, the commitment turned on, all present then lets go, lets have a proper appointment. Lets do business – small talk is for after hours, the bar, this is about quality & efficiency. It’s Business.

So how to get the appointment? That is easy, yes easy, three little proven steps – just three that work. No longer is it about copious rapport with the caretaker when he answers the phone – or the cleaner – or whoever. There is a process that works. Every time its taught conversion of the perceived dreaded cold call improves times over. Win.

Want to know how? Call me, let me work with your team, see their appointments improve in quality and conversion from call to diary.

Easy Appointment Making – Fun Training For Results – we know how to.

Sally 07432 54569

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