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  • I want to spend my money with you! Margaret thought, I really do want to spend my money with you, today! She had a list of exactly what she wanted, a selection of over 3000

  • I hid in the back room, knowing the doorbell was about to ring Have you been there? Knowing the doorbell is going to ring, that maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wanting to

  • 50 years of hard work, loyalty and dedication and all for this – a carriage clock from a catalogue! Elsie’s house was a true reflection of the lady – neat, tidy

  • So, we all know that there are givers and takers in this life. There are watchers and doers and the “let’s talk about it” people who wait for someone else to push the boat

  • Tarquin was definitely, to quote a northern phrase, “Up ‘issen”! Tarquin, 6ft tall, was wearing red trousers and a tweed jacket and stood in the room, masterfully displayin

  • Remember learning to drive, crashing the gears, lurching forward? It’s awkward, uncomfortable, clunky, scary. Every manoeuvre needs your full concentration. Learning to sel


  • We all know the Nike advert and their slogan, so on Friday, rounding off a brilliant week – I just did it! It was a proud moment for me. Some would never do this. Som

  • Not the nicest topic but true. Malcom needed help. The very thought of standing up at a Networking event and talking to strangers brought him out in a full on sweat. He had

  • Here we go again – how do I transform a greenhouse into a sales blog? Well, read on! I want to buy a greenhouse – a 6’ x 8’ timber frame greenhouse. Gardening i

  • Well, probably not love but it’s certainly my favourite soap. So how does Emmerdale relate to a blog from a sales trainer? Until last Sunday it probably would not hav

  • It sounds as though I am stating the obvious, but do we really do this? Do you give your customers what they want to buy – or can they only buy what you’re sell

  • Firstly, I am not a squirrel fan but recently, respect has crept in. Here’s the thing! Squirrels are tenacious, they don’t give up. Squirrels find extraordinary ways to sol

  • Every company has an Oliver! The good-looking chap wearing bang up to date fashion with ease, be it Primarni or Armani. Oliver, 28 just had it, the looks, the charm, the st

  • FINE is such a nonsense word – the “can’t be bothered” description, a get out, the “I don’t want to talk about it” message. Scott Ginsberg wrote FINE stands for

  • The gesture does not have to be huge. Corporate hospitality is amazing, the flight, the races, great seats at the concert, the fantastic gourmet meal, but STOP! Take a mome

  • We’ve all come across them! Immensely talented, successful people who take the stand, the mic, look the part, walk the walk but then – they talk! Have you ever spotte

  • The driving was beyond dangerous; M40 busy, car chase over 120 mph, undertaking. Someone was going to have an accident. I called 999. The armed robbers were busy raiding th

  • There are stacks, dozens, hundreds of  possible of ways to close a sale. I have looked at most, researched plenty, heard many, tried many and ultimately there are two littl

  •   The Stray FM Business Show talk to Fun Training For Results about how Caring Sincerely for  customers can make you money – oh and lots of giggles, it is Fun Tr

  • You know the day. The dog’s thrown up. The kids spilt everything everywhere and blamed you. The train was late, the coffee cold, your tights laddered (one for the ladies) 

  • The cringe, the utter dread as you wait in fear for the reply. In that moment your world stops, your mouth goes dry, you had to ask, but let this be over. Did you ever go t

  • Don’t Give Up. There is a distinct difference between successful and not, especially in sales. Simply its those who stick with it, keep going forward, head down, crack on,

  • Phrases heard by people who think they can sell, “I am a people person,” “I am really chatty,” “I love talking,” “I am super confident,” “The room lights up when I walk in,

  • It was a slog to begin – boggy, steep, cold – but the end result incredible – such beauty on the doorstep, Inspirational, grounding, exciting – and

  • Really CARE, not just the token bottle of plonk and a pack of mince pies because its Christmas – care all year about your customer and making their business a success

  • Swing by … Pop in … Drop round, are not and never have been a true business appointment. In a world where sometimes the need to achieve activity rates out shadows the focus

  • Fit on The Phone … well you know the rest ! I used to work with a lady who’s body was a temple… Indeed she was beautiful but not in a way that would have Kate Moss in

  • Here’s a little sound bite of what we’re about… enjoy!    

  • Sales and  Customers Service training needs to pay for itself – otherwise why invest.  If training is fun, enjoyable and works then the return on investment is immedi