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  • Be around people who make you smile, are positive and in your corner.  I absolutely love and believe in this.  Paying it forward, very Bob Burgh. Referring those

  • I met a man at Networking months ago. Nice chap, polite, friendly with a great business.  As I often do, I suggested coffee, to learn about his business. Just coffee t

  • Bulbs Right up my street this time of year, in pots, in the ground, in baskets in anything really that allows for depth and soil.  When you plant a bulb, maybe a tulip, a d

  • Amy referred the venue and its General Manager, Matt. Apparently, his attention to detail was superb, positively pedantic in fact, but this had made for a fabulous events.

  • That was the description that made me chuckle this week, someone describing their attributes on LinkedIn. Who is naturally good at building rapport? Can anyone be naturally

  • Well more pink for the Gertrude Jekyll and then the red of Tess in my garden. These roses have been spectacular this summer.  I have talked to them, fed them, protected the

  • You can say I, me and I on loop but listen to me! It’s not you that I’m interested in! I am interested in what you can do for me, for my business and for my Network’s busin

  • Funny really, it is after all just a tomato. Much debate as to whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable, but without question it is a tomato.  But this humble tomato has many di

  • Alan was in a fluster; the day had gone to pot. He still had his expenses to do, that call to make and then be home in time for his team match that evening.  Susan half exp

  • George now in his 80’s and most definitely not retired, addresses B2B with a ten-minute presentation. It’s his life story, packed with achievement, success, family and over

  • It’s a well-versed phrase used in sales meetings across the world. Managers ruling by fear reminding you that although this month’s figures are done there are 11 more month

  • That was the question. “Have you ever in your life had sales training?”  He laughed “Sally, I have been in selling in Harrogate for twenty years”. “Yes, but have you ever h

  • Is that you? Sitting firmly in your comfort zone? Slippers under the desk, favourite tea bags in the drawer, fully knowledgeable about how today, the week, the month, the y

  • Sales patter!  It’s right up there with the gift of the gab, banter, ice to Eskimos, wheeler dealer.  Have you ever said yes to patter, banter, a wheeler dealer?  Or do you

  • It’s the missed opportunity that is a disappointment. You will recognise the setup – people in sales roles scared to be with people they don’t know. Happy in th

  • We want to grow our business to £8 million, 50% growth and to make that happen we plan to do absolutely nothing differently. “We embrace change here at Fox’s Fixings” This

  • Edward was booked First Class to fly to New York. It was late November and he was going to New York, First Class, to skate, shop at Macy’s, visit the Statue of Liberty, wal

  • Shall we? Just for fun? Just imagine if everyone in work today, everyone was, well, naked! No brands or labels to identify ourselves; no fragrance by that particular perfum

  • It’s easy to say “yes” to every opportunity that lands at your feet. Saying “yes” often delights, makes you feel good and positive and is exciting in that moment. But then,

  • On my walk I spotted a pair of houses, 1930s semis. Pretty standard, red brick, three bedrooms, nice gardens, garage. Each served its function of being a house, keeping the

  • I know it’s a stretch – but really, I love my bucket! It’s not just any old bucket, its raspberry pink with a purple lid, yes, a lid. How many buckets have lids? It’s

  • I walked a little later this morning but it was still dark, quiet and beautiful out there. I enjoy the silence, no earphones, time to think or not, time to be still, time t

  • Now there’s a headline, but you understand it? It’s like the fabulous chandelier in the hotel lobby that exudes class and elegance, but then you’re shown to your room ̵

  • Petunia Lythe-Fox loved a good committee meeting for one of her charities. She saw them as an opportunity to parade her newest frock, display her impossibly trim figure and

  • When out walking, each morning, I see the Emsley crane, the hospital worker, the old chap with cake, the dancing runner, the small dog and the big black dog. The big black

  • Do you ever notice runners? There’s no end of them about. They are out first thing in the morning, late at night, anytime, running in groups or alone, or even with the dog!

  • Walking first thing in the morning, the street lights show the way, the traffic lights say go and the pedestrian light says stop. Life is a bit like this. There are people

  • So, I will get an office, employ a team, get re-branded, a new web site that talks, a new car of course – maybe a Bentley, with a chauffeur and a very visible PA. As

  • I want some more! Boris Bumble’s shirts bulge at the belly and the buttons threaten to attack at any moment. Years of too much cheese, fine wine and little activity, apart

  • 6am today, The Wetherby Road, its dark and the black mini revved the engine and overtook the blue saloon, to get to the red traffic light a few seconds earlier. The road is

  • I want to spend my money with you! Margaret thought, I really do want to spend my money with you, today! She had a list of exactly what she wanted, a selection of over 3000

  • I hid in the back room, knowing the doorbell was about to ring Have you been there? Knowing the doorbell is going to ring, that maybe the Jehovah’s Witnesses are wanting to

  • 50 years of hard work, loyalty and dedication and all for this – a carriage clock from a catalogue! Elsie’s house was a true reflection of the lady – neat, tidy