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The House that Jack Built

red brick semi

The House that Jack Built

On my walk I spotted a pair of houses, 1930s semis. Pretty standard, red brick, three bedrooms, nice gardens, garage.
Each served its function of being a house, keeping the residents inside warm, safe and comfortable.
Then along came Jack. He saw the potential, how he could create a Wow house.
So Jack knocked through walls, took sections out, added extensions, converted the loft space and added that special Wow!
The house that Jack built is still a house, keeping residents warm, safe and comfortable – but with a whole lot of Wow!
People talk about Jack’s house, so now he has a list of property owners and developers wanting Jack’s Wow touch.
In business are you a house, standing there, functioning, providing what you’re meant to, just the basics? Or, are you delivering that special Wow?
Wow in Customer Service requires investment, creating and learning new habits. It’s about being warmer than building just a house and being red hot at delivering results.

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