| The Missed Opportunity
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The Missed Opportunity

networking was tricky

The Missed Opportunity

It’s the missed opportunity that is a disappointment.

You will recognise the setup – people in sales roles scared to be with people they don’t know.

Happy in their comfort zone, in the office with their friends, in that environment, bravado, the big I am, super happy. Their chair, their trophy on the desk, certificates on the wall, here in their comfort zone the world is safe, easy not stretching.

Isn’t it bewildering that when you take the big bravado, the big I am and put them into an event with outstanding opportunities, that they crumble, retract, shy away and avoid? They sit together, arms crossed, looking down, willing it to be over. No mixing, no embracing new relationships, new prospects. The missed opportunity is massive.

As an advocate of relationships for building a referral network, I know that the first step, a conversation, is crucial. It’s not easy for everyone and for some it can be a potential nightmare, but if you are in sales, then it is a must and the way to do it well can be learned.

If you’re hosting, attending, presenting at an event with a networking opportunity, then plan your end goal and seize the opportunities on offer. If your team are attending, presenting or hosting a networking event with great potential, then ensure that they are briefed about your expectations. Don’t just assume that they will have your understanding of how to network effectively. Prepare, train and encourage them so that both you and they achieve good results.

Networking events are a business activity, in business time. So, think about your return on time invested and the time of your team. Being sociable is a massive part of being liked and selling more, but it is business! All business comes with targets, expectations and figures!

Part of being a great networker is to have a plan, an end goal.

Maximise every opportunity and sell more!

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