What is a review meeting?

Standard reply is, when we review our services with a client.

Oh dear, at this point head in hands I want to cry. No, really no!

A review meeting should not be about your services or product.

An effective review meeting remains firmly about your customer’s business.

Yes, but Sally, we want to share how much we are doing for them, how brilliant we are, the results we bring them.

A review meeting, six months or annual is time to check in with your customer’s most important reason for being – their business.

It’s time to go back to when they were a prospect. When you asked about their future plans, ambitions and goals. When you placed yourself in their future and received a “Yes”. In the beginning it was about winning their business by knowing them and creating inspiring solutions to deliver their goal.

Guess what? A review is just the same. Business does not stand still, people, goals and vision can change. Scheduling in reviews that are about your customer keep you in the mix and a part of their future.

There are many companies who omit reviews because they are too busy or make the mistake of simply sharing how great they have been. Well, standby because there is a new salesperson around the corner, treating your customer like their prospect. They are learning their goals for future growth and placing themselves in your shoes, so easily taking your perceived business.

Sensational reviews, listen, applaud and if you see a gap then create an opportunity for inspired creative solutions. Winning business is no guarantee it will stay with you. However, quality reviews can increase your chance of owning it.

Next time you’re booking a review meeting, question who should this be about?

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