| What is the Rush ?
A brief blog about why people rush when its better to be calm. Discuss clarity, stars and wind.
Rushing, wind, stars, clarity, productive
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What’s The Rush?

Morning on the Stray Harrogate

What’s The Rush?

6am today, The Wetherby Road, its dark and the black mini revved the engine and overtook the blue saloon, to get to the red traffic light a few seconds earlier.

The road is clear it is early, the lights on red, whats the rush?

I kept walking, the stars still out, in no rush to go, the wind fresh and strong, not rushing anywhere. Both will be back, it’s a fact, a constant they are not rushing.

Today, rush less, be efficient, have fun and rush less. Less rush more clarity, more clarity makes for a productive day.

Happy Wednesday!