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The Fun in Fun Training For Results – The Why

Sally Roberts at Fun Training For Results Harrogate

The Fun in Fun Training For Results – The Why

Sales and  Customers Service training needs to pay for itself – otherwise why invest.  If training is fun, enjoyable and works then the return on investment is immediate.  In this blog I share why I believe effective training can be pacy, fun, impactful and most importantly memorable.

The days we remember – the moments in life, the occasions that stay with us are usually the fun ones – the great night out, the amazing party, the superb family birthday, the moment we fell in love, or set eyes on our new home. The significant moments are memorable because they matter – they are in the main fun happy, extraordinary times.

Taking this ideal and transferring it to training is simple – yet so often ignored. Fun training is about learning something new, recapping on what you know – but most importantly equipping you to be the best you can be – to deliver the greatest customer journey – produce record sales. Simply by enhancing and improving your skill set.

So no lever arch file, no eight hours of telling, no waiting for coffee / lunch, doodling, leg stretching. At Fun Training For Results we put the FUN into training – so, simply when you benefit from our training – you take the what you have learnt right back to the work place and use it today – right now.

A fun memorable time in sales – doing the birdie song with a colleague – on chairs – it was daft – if was fun – we laughed and then sold loads. 

Fun in a class room – on The Stray, at The Show Ground, fun in delivery, pace, activity and guess what ?  If you hate role play – then no role play! Its about fun not being embarrassed in front of your  CEO or colleagues. 

At Fun Training For Results its or belief that by having Fun while learning you will get phenomenal results. It is proven. 

Now tell me – what was the most memorable event in your life? 

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