| You say “Tomato” –  I say “Tomayto”!
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You say “Tomato” –  I say “Tomayto”!

Tomato Sales Training

You say “Tomato” –  I say “Tomayto”!

Funny really, it is after all just a tomato. Much debate as to whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable, but without question it is a tomato. 

But this humble tomato has many disguises and prices. It comes in a tin, a wrapper, film, paper, card, a bag, a tube, a box, cellophane, plastic, maybe a tray; red ones, green or yellow ones, stalks on, stalks off and so on.

The presentation, packaging, design and appearance of the simple tomato determine how it’s perceived and how much we pay for it. 

In a world where information and knowledge is easier to access than ever before, to be successful and stay front of mind you need to think “tomato”.

How do you stand out from your competitors? What’s making your proposition unique, exciting and packed with appeal?

There are thousands of books, you tube videos and audio offerings about selling. Fun Training For Results prides itself on being new, exciting and different. 

We do fun things so that you learn. We have fun so that you remember and what you remember –  you can use. That’s when you generate fantastic results.

If your business is a tomato (go with me) think – how are you being one really extraordinary tomato that stands out from the rest? 


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