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You’re only as good as your last sale!

reminisce in the pub

You’re only as good as your last sale!

It’s a well-versed phrase used in sales meetings across the world. Managers ruling by fear reminding you that although this month’s figures are done there are 11 more months still to achieve. 

History absolutely has it place. History provides many opportunities to reflect and better still, to learn. The last deal, the old account are all now history. 

If you want to be in the now, to deliver brilliant results, then looking ahead and anticipating your customer’s future needs is paramount. Being on trend, up to date, aware of the new and the improved, will ensure that you deliver and surpass your client’s expectations. 

Reminiscing about how things used to be can make for great conversation in the pub. However, in business you need to stay current with a keen eye on the future if you want to surpass your client’s expectations. 

Sell more and have happier customers!


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